A Little Publicity

newstandLast Tuesday I met with the 8th grade students for the K12 Web Archiving Program again. It seemed to be a productive and fun meeting for us all. They socialized plenty, but also got plenty of work done – a few sites were added and some even with descriptions. I am feeling really good about how the project is coming along. Next week we meet as a whole group and I will be sure to briefly go over the guidelines that I sent out a few weeks ago. The most exciting news is that I finally got started on publicizing the work we are doing. I contacted the local town paper – The Sherwood Gazette, and I also contacted The Oregonian. The editor of The Sherwood Gazette got right back to me and she will be coming to talk to the students at the end of February/beginning of March for the April issue. I haven’t heard back from The Oregonian yet, but I emailed only just yesterday. The students are going to be so excited!

 Image attribution: rutlo http://www.flickr.com/photos/26809429@N02/3228299846